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County Judge

Jasper County Judge 
Mark Allen

121 N. Austin, Room 106
Jasper, TX 75951

Phone: 409-384-2612
Fax: 409-384-9745

Office Staff






Photo of County Judge Mark Allen in a law library.
  • The County of Jasper does not require building permits or perform building inspections in any unincorporated areas of the county, nor has the Commissioners' Court passed any ordinances regulating zoning other than in the airport or floodplain areas. 

    Zoning Letter

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  • NOTICE: Neither the Jasper County Court nor the Jasper County Clerk have petition forms or order forms. These forms must be obtained on your own or through an attorney.  Due to the complexity of this procedure, we implore you to employ an attorney to assist you. The Judge, the County Clerk, and the respective staff are prohibited by law to assist you in preparing the application or advising on the procedural steps taken before or after the Judge signs the order.

    To file for an Occupational Driver’s License, you must:

    1. File a Petition for Occupational Driver’s License with the Jasper County Clerk’s Office. The petition must also include a signature line for approval with no objections by the Jasper County District Attorney. For filing fees contact the Jasper County Clerk’s Office, 409-384-2632.
    2. Obtain an SR-22 Certificate of Insurance from your insurance provider. A copy of your SR-22 must be filed along with petition.
    3. Provide a certified abstract (type AR) Driving Record which can be requested Texas Department of Public Safety website. www.texasonline.state.tx.us/NASApp/txdps/TXDPSLicenseeManager
    4. Prepare an Order for Occupational Driver’s License for the Judge’s signature


    Both the Petition and Order for Occupational Driver’s License needs the following information:


    • The requirements as set out in Texas Transportation Code Subchapter L. Section 521.241 - 521.253 (https://statutes.capitol.texas.gov/Docs/TN/htm/TN.521.htm#L)
    • Reason for Driver’s License suspension
    • Reasons for travel, applicants place of employment or school, or reason for occupational driver’s license
    • Specific days of the week needed
    • Specific hours of the day needed, not to exceed twelve (12) hours in any given twenty-four (24) hour period
    • Texas Counties needed for travel
    • Applicant’s previous driver’s license number and when license was suspended
    • There may be other requirements that need to be contained in your Petition and Order not listed above. Reference the Transportation Code Sections 521.241 — 521.253 for specific requirements that tailor your situation.


    Once you have filed your Petition, obtained an SR-22, and your driving record, contact the Court, 409-384-2612 to arrange a time to present your Order to the Judge.

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