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Sheriff Mitchel Newman

Sheriff Mitchel Newman

101 Burch Street
Jasper, TX 75951

Main Phone: (409) 384-5417
Fax: (409) 384-7016

Admin Office: (409) 383-1154
Jail: (409) 384-2411


Scott Duncan
Jason McClelland

Jo Ann Sargent

Jason Hollyfield
Alex Williams

Donna Berger

James Payne
Taylhr Miller

                    Game Room Regulations


The Jasper County Clerk will serve as the Game Room Permit Administrator for the Game Room Ordinance that was adopted by Commissioners Court on October 22, 2021. The Administrator is tasked to supervise, control and operate the Permit Office, and the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office shall investigate, deny, issue, attached conditions to, administratively suspend, or revoke Game Room Permits found to be out of compliance of this ordinance.

The purpose of this ordinance is to establish reasonable and uniform regulation of Game Rooms in Jasper County. These regulations shall apply to all establishments located within Jasper County.


Game Room Ordinance

Game Room Application

Application For Occupation Tax Permit Can Be Picked Up At The Tax Office

  • Records Division

    Jasper County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for maintaining and storing records.  With this task, many requests are made for records and there are guidelines that must be followed.

    The Records Divisions is available 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday thru Friday to answer your calls and questions.

    You may contact the records division at (409) 383-1154 or email:  donna.berger@co.jasper.tx.us
    Please mail or email record requests.

    Mailing Address
    Jasper County Sheriff’s Office
    101 Burch Street  Jasper, Texas  75951
    Attn: Records


    Finance Division

    The responsibilities of the budget vary greatly and include the supervision, coordination, and administration of major financial affairs impacting the Sheriff’s Office including accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, fleet management, fixed assets and purchasing. Additionally, this department is responsible for receiving and processing the deposit of collections, fines, inmate commissary and medical processed through the Jail. This staff also manages the business of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Association, a non-profit incorporation.

    You may contact the finance division at (409) 383-1154 or email:   joann.sargent@co.jasper.tx.us
    Please mail or email financial requests

    Mailing Address
    Jasper County Sheriff’s Office
    101 Burch Street  Jasper, Texas  75951
    Attn: Finance


    Personnel Division

    Jasper County’s Human Resources Department is handled through the Treasurer’s Office. Due to the fact the Sheriff’s Office has greater than 50 employees, some of the administrative functions such as time management, compensation issues, employee files, and Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards are handled in-house.

    You may contact the personnel division at (409) 383-1154
    Please mail  personnel record requests to:

    Jasper County Sheriff’s Office
    101 Burch Street  Jasper, Texas  75951
    Attn: Personnel


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